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Heritage Roofing Company has been providing top quality roof installation Rohnert Park residents trust for over 30 years. We have a large customer base in Rohnert Park, mainly due to referrals we've received over the years.

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Roofing Installation

Composition tile roof in Rohnert ParkComposition tile roofing is a popular roofing option that offers an affordable, long-lasting, and attractive alternative to clay or steel roofs. Installation of a composition tile roof involves several key steps, each of which is critical to ensuring the roof is properly installed and will provide years of reliable protection for the building below.

Roof Deck Preparation

The first step in a roof replacement is to prepare the roof deck. This involves ensuring that the deck is structurally sound and free of any debris, as well as applying a layer of roofing felt or underlayment to create a moisture barrier and provide an additional layer of protection against leaks. This layer also helps to prevent the tiles from sticking to the roof deck, which can cause damage or create pockets where water can pool.

Installation of the Starter Course

Once the roof deck has been prepared, the next step is to install the starter course. This involves placing a row of tiles along the eaves of the roof, with the overhang extending slightly beyond the edge of the roof deck. This helps to create a drip edge that directs water away from the roof deck and down the gutters, preventing water damage to the underlying structure.

Laying Field Tiles

After the starter course has been installed, the next step is to begin laying the field tiles. This involves carefully aligning the tiles and fastening them to the roof deck using roofing nails or screws, depending on the type of tile being used. It is important to ensure that each tile is properly aligned and securely fastened to prevent wind uplift or water penetration.


As the field tiles are installed, it is also important to install any necessary flashing to create a watertight seal around roof penetrations such as chimneys, vents, or skylights. This may involve using specialized flashing materials such as lead or copper, or using sealant to create a waterproof barrier around the penetration.

Installation of Ridge Tiles

A  composite tile roof on a large homeFinally, once all of the field tiles and flashing have been installed, the ridge tiles are installed along the peak of the roof. These tiles are designed to cover the gap created by the two sloping sides of the roof and provide a finished, aesthetically pleasing appearance to the roofline. It is important to ensure that the ridge tiles are properly aligned and securely fastened to prevent them from shifting or becoming dislodged during high winds or other weather events.

Other Factors

In addition to these key steps, there are several other factors that should be considered when installing a composition tile roof. For example, proper ventilation is critical to prevent moisture buildup and prevent damage to the roof structure or insulation. It is also important to consider the slope of the roof and ensure that it is sufficient to prevent water from pooling or ponding on the surface of the roof.

Putting It All Together

Overall, the roof installation Rohnert Park homeowners depend on requires careful planning, attention to detail, and skilled craftsmanship to ensure that the roof is properly installed and will provide years of reliable protection. By working with a professional roofing contractor with experience in installing composition tile roofs, homeowners can ensure that their new roof is installed correctly and will provide the long-lasting performance and durability that they need to protect their home for years to come.

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Rohnert Park Roofing Contractors

Group photo of Heritage Roofing ContractorsWhen it's time to replace your composition shingle roof, choose the roofer Rohnert Park has trusted for over 30 years. Truth is, there's no substitute for experience and that's what Heritage Roofing Company brings to the table. Our roof inspectors will come out to your home to assess your roofing needs and provide a quote and any options such as composite shingle quality and colors.

Roofing installations typically take a few days and when we're done, it will seem like we were never there. Except for the awesome new roof of course!

If you're a Rohnert Park homeowner and you need a roof replacement, call the pros at Heritage Roofing Company to find out what we offer. You can count on prompt, courteous service with no surprises and no mess left behind.

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